Edinburgh Genomics latest news

Collaboration with scientists at The Roslin Institute

Edinburgh Genomics are excited to collaborate with scientists at The Roslin Institute who plan to use some of our cutting edge genomics technologies to investigate diseases in dogs... The UK's most popular pedigree dog is about to have its genome sequenced at the institute where Dolly the Sheep was created. The research, which coincides with an online project to trace the cause of environmental...

The First Exome Sequence Completed in Pigs

Scientists at Edinburgh Genomics , in collaboration with researchers from The Roslin Institute and PIC (a division of Genus plc ), announced that they are the first to complete exome sequencing in the domestic pig, Sus scrofa. A paper describing the work has been published in BMC Genomics , and includes several Edinburgh Genomics staff members as co-authors. The study was led by Mick Watson , a...

Edinburgh Genomics delivers sheep genome data

The sheep is an important agricultural animal, providing meat, wool and milk to human communities round the globe. The recently published sheep genome heralds a new era of genomics-based improvement in sheep, allowing farmers to apply fine-grained selection to their flocks to increase productivity and improve resistance to disease. Edinburgh Genomics is proud to have been involved in the sheep...

Illumina User Group Meeting

Edinburgh Genomics’ Karim Gharbi will discuss ‘sampling genome diversity using genotyping-by-sequencing methods’ at the 2014 Illumina User Group Meeting in Edinburgh on June 16th and 17th. You can find the meeting agenda, as well as registering to attend below: