SERVICE UPDATE (last update 20th August 2020):

We are now open and are beginning a phased return to our laboratory services following the partial easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Illumina and long-read sequencing projects
We are now able to receive samples for Illumina and long-read NGS projects. If you have an active project or a newly activated one, we will be in contact with you regarding sample delivery. Or get in touch with us at

Sanger Sequencing Service
Our Sanger sequencing service has now re-opened as of 19th August 2020. We are offering plate-only services on a weekly processing run, until further notice.

As during lock-down, all bioinformatics (including our online bioinformatics training programme) and project management activities are fully operational, and you can contact us by email ( ) if you need advice on projects or quotes for future work. For any questions about our Bioinformatics Training, email us here:


We are skilled in delivering high-quality next-generation sequencing data from RNA and DNA samples, using Illumina NovaSeq and MiSeq platforms in addition to the Pacific Biosciences Sequel and the Oxford Nanopore PromethION. We also regularly carry out Sanger dideoxy sequencing, using AB3730 instruments

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From introductory coding courses (Linux, R, Python) to advanced workshops on the latest bioinformatics tools (RNA-seq data analysis, metagenomics), we offer a wide range of courses equipping you with the skills you need to tackle your next genomic analysis.

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Bioinformatic analysis is at the heart of what we do, and our dedicated team of research informaticians is skilled in all aspects of next generation genomics and genetic analyses. We have an extensive, secure compute install for high-throughput data processing.

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Latest news

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Illumina and long-read sequencing projects We are now able to receive samples for Illumina and long-read NGS projects. If you have an active project or a newly activated one, we...
SERVICE UPDATE: In accordance with Government guidance, all our laboratory based services are now closed. However, all Bioinformatics activities are fully operational, and...


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