Edinburgh Genomics is hosting a new edition of the Next Generation Bioinformatics User Group meeting (NextGenBUG). This new edition, the 65th meeting, will take place on May 30th from 12:30 to 17:00 at the University of Edinburgh, King’s Buildings campus (Murchison House, Room 1.19).

As with previous meetings, this event aims to bring together bioinformaticians across Scotland to discuss the latest advances in bioinformatics and the new genomics technologies.

Thanks to SULSA’s support, this is a free event and lunch will be provided. Please register at https://forms.office.com/e/NFLK1KiN0E by this Thursday, May 23rd. Registration after that day are welcome, but you may need to arrange your own lunch and coffee.

We have an exciting agenda with the following confirmed speakers:

  • Tomasz Zielinski, The University of Edinburgh: Better Research by Better Sharing
  • Andrew Gillen, University of Glasgow: GESS – A General Strategy for Comparing Gene Expression Patterns
  • Karen McLuskey, Univesity of Glasgow: Just Bumming Around: Single-nuclei Sequencing on the Tubules and Rectal Complex of the Tobacco Hornworm Moth, Mandua Sexta
  • Brian Chan, The Roslin Institute, The University of Edinburgh: Exploring Regulatory Loci of Optic Fissure Closure in Chicken Eye Development
  • Leighton Pritchard, University of Strathcyde: genomeRxiv: A Rosetta Stone for Whole-genome Microbial Classification
  • Matthew Bennett, The University of Edinburgh: Exploring a Role of Cis-acting Long Non-coding RNAs as Initiators of Stimuli Responses and Pathological Cell Transitions
  • Rafaela Trad, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh: The use of different molecular techniques to study the evolution of Kielmeyera (Calophyllaceae), a taxonomically challenging genus.
  • Darol Baker, Rancho Biosciences : Evidence-driven Predictions with LLMs – Using High-Quality Omics Data