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Festival of Genomics

Edinburgh Genomics will be attending the Festival of Genomics in London, where Javier Santoyo-Lopez (Facility Manager, Edinburgh Genomics Clinical), Tim Cezard and James Prendergast (Roslin Institute) will be delivering the workshop "Harnessing WGS for population-scale studies".

Edinburgh Genomics will also have an exhibition booth, manned by Joel Fearnley (Chief Operating Officer), Karim Gharbi (Facility Manager, Edinburgh Genomics Science), Matt Arno (Project Manager) and David Bonas (Business Manager).

Scots scientists examine why some brains age better than others

Edinburgh scientists have decoded the genetic make-up of more than one thousand people as part of a long-term study to examine why some people's brains age better than others. The gene study involved researchers at the University of Edinburgh sequencing the DNA of 1,300 people as part of a project which has tracked the same individuals for decades. Read the full story .

Investing in cutting edge medical research

Scottish Genomes Partnership backed by £6 million. Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health, Jamie Hepburn has announced a £6 million investment in the Scottish Genomes Partnership (SGP), ahead of a parliamentary reception to mark Rare Disease Day. The SGP is a collaboration of Scottish Universities and the NHS capitalising on £15 million investment in whole genome sequencing...

Lex Bird Breeding System published in Nature Genetics

Image: Arjan Haverkamp (via Wikipedia) The high quality genome assembly of a wild wading bird, the ruff Philomachus pugnax , generated by Edinburgh Genomics, has been used to reveal the genetics of a striking natural polymorphism affecting plumage, behaviour and mating success. The work is published today in Nature Genetics - DOI: 10.1038/ng.3443. Edinburgh Genomics collaborated closely with...