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We are skilled in delivering high-quality next-generation sequencing data from RNA and DNA samples, using our advanced Illumina HiSeq2500 and MiSeq platforms. We also regularly carry out Sanger dideoxy sequencing, using AB3730 instruments.

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High-density genotyping of pedigrees and populations, and microarray analyses of expression, binding and copy number variation are mainstays of genetic and genomic analysis. We offer genotyping and microarray analyses using Illumina and Affimetrix platforms.

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Bioinformatic analysis is at the heart of what we do, and our dedicated team of research informaticians is skilled in all aspects of next generation genomics and genetic analyses. We have an extensive, secure compute install for high-throughput data processing.

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Clinical Genomics

Whole Genome Sequencing of human samples using the Illumina HiSeqX 10 platform produces high quality data at an unprecedented speed and low cost. Laboratory automation using Illumina SeqLab platform allows very high efficiency and low variability.

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Latest News

  On June 3rd 2016, our Clinical Division hosted a visit by NHS Scotland and the Chief Scientist Office. This was an opportunity to see for themselves the Edinburgh Genomics high throughput HiSeq X...
Edinburgh scientists have decoded the genetic make-up of more than one thousand people as part of a long-term study to examine why some people's brains age better than others. The gene study...
April 2016 Edinburgh Genomics is pleased to announce the appointment of Joel Fearnley as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Joel brings a wealth of industry expertise in senior technical and...
Scottish Genomes Partnership backed by £6 million. Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health, Jamie Hepburn has announced a £6 million investment in the Scottish Genomes Partnership (...
A rare condition in which people's internal organs develop on the wrong side of the body could be better understood - thanks to a study of snail shells. Researchers have pinpointed a gene in snails...
We are pleased to announce the newest arrival to our sequencing fleet - the HiSeq 4000. Built using the technology behind the HiSeqX, HiSeq 4000 is the newer, more agile cousin. With the...

New Publications

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