Sanger sequencing submission guidelines

Please read the instructions below carefully before submitting samples.

You may drop your samples off in person at Edinburgh Genomics (Ground Floor, Ashworth Lab 2) or mail them to us at:

Sanger Sequencing
Edinburgh Genomics
Ashworth Laboratories
Charlotte Auerbach Road
The King’s Buildings
The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland.

Samples from the Easter Bush Campus (Roslin Institute) can either be delivered to Roslin Stores by 9:25 in the morning (Monday-Friday) for shipment by courier or sent via internal or external mail to the facility. 

Samples from the King’s Building Campus can be delivered directly to the facility or left at either the Swann stores collection point or in the Sanger fridge on the ground floor Roger Land Building.  Samples from the Swann and Roger Land Buildings are collected at 11am. Samples can be delivered at the facility at any time and will be processed as soon as practicable. 

Other users within the University can use the internal post system.

We accept samples in 96 well plates or 0.2 ml strip tubes with strip lids only. We are sorry but our operating procedures do not allow us to accept any other formats. Please ensure that your samples are properly sealed and packaged and labelled with the Order Number as generated by Genesifter.

Place an order in Genesifter ( and once submitted, make a PDF by viewing the order, clicking on the blue action button at the top of the page and print the PDF. A user guide for GeneSifter is available here.

Place your samples along with the PDF printout of your order in the Edinburgh Genomics labelled bags. If you require a supply of our bags please email us at and we will send you some. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you require more information or if you would like to create a Genesifter account.