The GOBLET Training Portal: A Global Repository of Bioinformatics Training Materials, Courses and Trainers

Corpas, M., Jimenez, R. C., Bongcam-Rudloff, E., Budd, A., Brazas, M. D., Fernandes, P. L., Gaeta, B., van Gelder, C., Korpelainen, E., Lewitter, F., McGrath, A., MacLean, D., Palagi, P. M., Rother, K., Taylor, J., Via, A., Watson, M., Schneider, M. V. & Attwood, T. K.
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SUMMARY: Rapid technological advances have led to an explosion of biomedical data in recent years. The pace of change has inspired new, collaborative approaches for sharing materials and resources to help train life scientists both in the use of cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and databases, and in how to analyse and interpret large datasets. A prototype platform for sharing such training resources was recently created by the Bioinformatics Training Network (BTN). Building on this work, we have created a centralised portal for sharing training materials and courses, including a catalogue of trainers and course organisers, and an announcement service for training events. For course organisers, the portal provides opportunities to promote their training events; for trainers, the portal offers an environment for sharing materials, for gaining visibility for their work and promoting their skills; for trainees, it offers a convenient one-stop shop for finding suitable training resources and identifying relevant training events and activities locally and world-wide. Availability: CONTACT: