Long-read Transcriptomics

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Registration fee:

£150 - University of Edinburgh staff/students
£158 - Other university or registered charity staff/students
£195 - Industrial researchers


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The recent development of high throughput long read RNA sequencing promises a new age of transcriptome exploration. Accurate high throughput long read RNA sequencing now has the potential to investigate genes that were previously undetectable.

This exciting new course aims to introduce the principles and practice of long-read transcriptomic anlysis using the cutting edge software TAMA (https://github.com/GenomeRIK/tama). 

Who this course is for

Aside from a basic understanding of molecular biology, attendees must have a working knowledge of how to use the Linux BASH command line - our 1-day "Linux for bioinformatics" course is a suitable background.



Richard Kuo - University of Edinburgh 

Workshop format

The workshop consists of presentations and hands-on tutorials.


Topics covered

By the end of the course students will have covered:

  • Introduction to Pacific Bioscience and Oxford Nanopore Technologies RNA sequencing
  • Long read data pre-processing (Pacbio and Nanopore)
  • Transcriptome assembly (TAMA collapse)
  • Merging Transcriptomes (TAMA Merge)
  • Linking gene models to known proteins (TAMA ORF/NMD Pipeline)
  • Transcriptome filtering