Edinburgh Genomics supports collaborators from the conception of an experimental programme through to publication of the results. We are proud to be involved in so many ground-breaking studies. The facility also conducts its own research, and the facility academic staff have active, genomics- and bioinformatics-focussed research programmes.

A current list of publications that are based on facility-generated data can be found on Edinburgh Research Explorer.

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Iceland show weak genetic structure among diverse isotopic signatures and observed movement patterns

Tavares, S. B., Samarra, F. I., Pascoal, S., Graves, J. A. & Miller, P. J. 2018 In: Ecology and Evolution p. 11900-11913 14 p.

Metabarcoding free-living marine nematodes using curated 18S and CO1 reference sequence databases for species-level taxonomic assignments

Macheriotou, L., Guilini, K., Bezerra, T. N., Tytgat, B., Nguyen, D. T., Phuong Nguyen, T. X., Noppe, F., Armenteros, M., Boufahja, F., Rigaux, A., Vanreusel, A. & Derycke, S. 2019 In: Ecology and Evolution

Genomic signatures of introgression between commercial and native bumblebees, <i>Bombus terrestris</i>, in western Iberian Peninsula: implications for conservation and trade regulation

Seabra, S. G., Silva, S. E., Nunes, V. L., Sousa, V. C., Martins, J., Marabuto, E., Rodrigues, A. S. B., Pina-martins, F., Laurentino, T. G., Rebelo, M. T., Figueiredo, E. & Paulo, O. S. 2018 In: Evolutionary Applications

Heterochromatin delays CRISPR-Cas9 mutagenesis but does not influence the outcome of mutagenic DNA repair

Kallimasioti pazi, E., Thelakkad Chathoth, K., Taylor, G., Meynert, A., Ballinger, T., Kelder, M., Lalevee, S., Sanli, I., Feil, R. & Wood, A. 2018 In: PLoS Biology

Characterisation of the UK honey bee metagenome

Regan, T., Barnett, M. W., Laetsch, D. R., Bush, S. J., Wragg, D., Budge, G. E., Highet, F., Dainat, B., De Miranda, J. R., Watson, M., Blaxter, M. & Freeman, T. C. 2018 In: Nature Communications