Edinburgh Genomics supports collaborators from the conception of an experimental programme through to publication of the results. We are proud to be involved in so many ground-breaking studies. The facility also conducts its own research, and the facility academic staff have active, genomics- and bioinformatics-focussed research programmes.

A current list of publications that are based on facility-generated data can be found on Edinburgh Research Explorer.

Kinetic CRAC uncovers a role for Nab3 in determining gene expression profiles during stress

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An open and transparent process to select ELIXIR Node Services as implemented by ELIXIR-UK

Hancock, J. M., Game, A., Ponting, C. P. & Goble, C. A. 2016 In: F1000Research

Nuclear RNA decay pathways aid rapid remodeling of gene expression in yeast

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poRe GUIs for parallel and real-time processing of MinION sequence data

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