Pricing changes at Edinburgh Genomics

Dear Colleagues

Edinburgh Genomics has undergone a major reorganisation in the last few months, with the initiation of the new Clinical Genomics (aka HiSeqX) Division, and the consolidation of the activities of the Genome Science Division (all our non-whole human genome activities). After months of planning, the first HiSeqX instruments have been delivered to EG labs at the Roslin Institute, and they will be installed and commissioned this month. In parallel, we have regrouped our array, genotyping and Illumina sequencing staff and instrumentation in the facility’s King’s Buildings laboratories. Moving and (re)installing several million-pounds-worth of equipment is never less than nerve-racking but everything is back up and running.

Edinburgh Genomics is introducing a new price list for its Illumina sequencing, Sanger sequencing, microarray, genotyping and bioinformatics services from April 1st. The new price list includes both improved discount from suppliers as well as increases due to inflation. For some of our services, this is the first price change for several years. For others, especially those involving custom arrays and high volume, we have always aimed to pass on savings we are able to make by bulk ordering, and the only components of the pricing that are affected are those associated with salary and instrumentation. A summary of the new pricing is given below, but note that due to the very wide range of different “products” we deliver, and since most collaborations we have are unique combinations of our service, it is not possible to itemise every combination.

Please do contact David Bonas, our Business Manager, if you have any questions ( about the changes.

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Mark Blaxter

Director, Edinburgh Genomics Genome Science

Edinburgh Genomics Genome Science

Price changes April 2015

Sanger sequencing and microsatellite genotyping These prices have been frozen, except for long-run microsat analyses, where we have corrected a historical undercharging. The new Sanger and microsatellite costs have been updated on the EG GeneSifter Sanger Sequencing LIMS.

Illumina sequencing

Our sample preparation costs have changed, through introduction of robotics and manufacturers’ price increases, and thus have decreased or increased by a few percent. The sequencing costs on our fleet of Illumina HiSeq2500 instruments (all running the latest “version 4” chemistry) have largely remained static, and offer among the best values in the UK per gigabase of raw data.


With upgrades to our compute capacity and recruitment of new staff we are able to offer competitive rates for intensive data analysis across all the different kinds of data the facility generates.

Microarrays and chip-based genotyping

Prices for these products have had to be increased.