Sanger Sequencing

The Facility operates an ABI 3730XL capillary sequencing instrument, and can carry out a range of projects from single sequencing reads to medium-scale projects involving tens of thousands of reads (please note, we do not keep any primers for reactions).

We offer...

Analysis of sequenced samples

The user can deliver samples that have already been sequenced with BigDye reagents. We perform clean-up and capillary analysis on the ABI3730XL (any number of samples).

Full sequencing reaction

The user can deliver clean DNA and sequencing primer. We perform the BigDye sequencing, clean-up and capillary analysis on the ABI3730XL (any number of samples).

Larger seqencing projects

The facility is fully equipped to perform larger-scale Sanger sequencing projects. These projects might include expressed sequence tag (EST) surveys, population genetics surveys, sequencing of large insert clones (cosmids, fosmids and BACs), metagenomic surveys, and genome sequencing and resequencing. These projects might typically involve 1000-10000 samples.

Genotyping with microsatellites

We can analyse your PCR-amplified microsatellite or AFLP samples (96 samples at a time) on the ABI3730XL instrument. We can either return the data to you, or assist by giving you access to GeneMapper tools.

Further information:

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