Edinburgh Genomics supports collaborators from the conception of an experimental programme through to publication of the results. We are proud to be involved in so many ground-breaking studies. The facility also conducts its own research, and the facility academic staff have active, genomics- and bioinformatics-focussed research programmes.

A current list of publications that are based on facility-generated data can be found on Edinburgh Research Explorer.

RNA interference restricts Rift Valley fever virus in multiple insect systems

Dietrich, I., Jansen, S., Fall, G., Lorenzen, S., Rudolf, M., Huber, K., Heitmann, A., Schicht, S., Ndiaye, E. H., Watson, M., Castelli, I., Brennan, B., Elliott, R. M., Diallo, M., Sall, A. A., Failloux, A., Schnettler, E., Kohl, A. & Becker, S... 2017 In: mSphere

Kinetic CRAC uncovers a role for Nab3 in determining gene expression profiles during stress

Van Nues, R., Schweikert, G., De Leau, E., Selega, A., Langford, A., Franklin, R., Iosub, I., Wadsworth, P., Sanguinetti, G. & Granneman, S. 2017 In: Nature Communications

Transcriptome-wide analysis of alternative routes for RNA substrates into the exosome complex

Delan-Forino, C., Schneider, C. & Tollervey, D. 2017 In: PLoS Genetics

poRe GUIs for parallel and real-time processing of MinION sequence data

Stewart, R. & Watson, M. 2017 In: Bioinformatics

Nuclear RNA decay pathways aid rapid remodeling of gene expression in yeast

Bresson, S., Tuck, A., Staneva, D. & Tollervey, D. 2017 In: Molecular Cell p. 787–800.e5