Edinburgh Genomics supports collaborators from the conception of an experimental programme through to publication of the results. We are proud to be involved in so many ground-breaking studies. The facility also conducts its own research, and the facility academic staff have active, genomics- and bioinformatics-focussed research programmes.

A current list of publications that are based on facility-generated data can be found on Edinburgh Research Explorer.

The madness of microbiome: Attempting to find consensus “best practice” for 16S microbiome studies

Pollock, J., Glendinning, L., Wisedchanwet, T. & Watson, M. 2018 In: Applied and Environmental Microbiology 12 p.

Fat accretion measurements strengthen the relationship between feed conversion efficiency and Nitrogen isotopic discrimination while rumen microbial genes contribute little

Meale, S. J., Auffret, M. D., Watson, M., Morgavi, D. P., Cantalapiedra-Hijar, G., Duthie, C., Roehe, R. & Dewhurst, R. J. 2018 In: Scientific Reports p. 3854

Assembly of 913 microbial genomes from metagenomic sequencing of the cow rumen

Stewart, R., Auffret, M. D., Warr, A., Wiser, A., Press, M., Langford, K., Liachko, I., Snelling, T. J., Dewhurst, R. J., Walker, A. W., Roehe, R. & Watson, M. 2018 In: Nature Communications p. 870

Isolation of a natural DNA virus of <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>, and characterisation of host resistance and immune responses

Palmer, W. H., Medd, N. C., Beard, P. M. & Obbard, D. 2018 In: PLoS Pathogens 26 p.

Functional insights into the infective larval stage of Anisakis simplex s.s., Anisakis pegreffii and their hybrids based on gene expression patterns

Llorens, C., Arcos, S. C., Robertson, L., Ramos, R., Futami, R., Soriano, B., Ciordia, S., Careche, M., González-Muñoz, M., Jiménez-Ruiz, Y., Carballeda-Sangiao, N., Moneo, I., Albar, J. P., Blaxter, M. & Navas, A. 2018 In: BMC Genomics p. 592