Edinburgh Genomics supports collaborators from the conception of an experimental programme through to publication of the results. We are proud to be involved in so many ground-breaking studies. The facility also conducts its own research, and the facility academic staff have active, genomics- and bioinformatics-focussed research programmes.

A current list of publications that are based on facility-generated data can be found on Edinburgh Research Explorer.

Convergent origination of a Drosophila-like dosage compensation mechanism in a reptile lineage

Marin, R., Cortez, D., Lamanna, F., Pradeepa, M. M., Leushkin, E., Julien, P., Liechti, A., Halbert, J., Bruning, T., Mossinger, K., Trefzer, T., Conrad, C., Kerver, H. N., Wade, J., Tschopp, P. & Kaessmann, H. 2017 In: Genome Research p. 1974-1987 14 p.

Maintaining their genetic distance: little evidence for introgression between widely hybridising species of <i>Geum</i> with contrasting mating systems

Jordan, C. Y., Lohse, K., Turner, F., Thomson, M., Gharbi, K. & Ennos, R. A. 2017 In: Molecular Ecology 15 p.

The unusual reproductive system of head and body lice (Pediculus humanus)

de la Filia, A. G., Andrewes, S., Clark, J. M. & Ross, L. 2017 In: Medical and veterinary entomology

Deciphering the demographic history of allochronic differentiation in the pine processionary moth <i>Thaumetopoea pityocampa</i>

Leblois, R., Gautier, M., Rohfritsch, A., Foucaud, J., Burban, C., Galan, M., Loiseau, A., Sauné, L., Branco, M. D. O., Gharbi, K., Vitalis, R. & Kerdelhué, C. 2017 In: Molecular Ecology 15 p.

Tournament ABC analysis of the western palaearctic population history of an oak gallwasp, <i>Synergus umbraculus</i>

Stone, G. N., White, S. C., Csóka, G., Melika, G., Mutun, S., Pénzes, Z., Sadeghi, E. S., Schönrogge, K., Tavakoli, M. & Nicholls, J. A. 2017 In: Molecular Ecology p. 6685–6703 20 p.