Exploring and exploiting the microbiome

The rise of metagenomics has allowed us to explore the human microbiome and that of domestic livestock, plants and the environment, offering interesting opportunities to exploit this knowledge for the health and wellbeing of all. The aim of this event is to raise awareness about Scotland’s considerable expertise in this area and to build links to support collaboration for the future. Taking the broad view of the metagenome, and the many markets it can address, this workshop will appeal to all interested in the scientific and commercial potential of this rapidly emerging area whether academic researchers, industry innovators, technical service providers or policy makers. 

This is a FREE event and lunch will be provided. Further information and registration at www.excellence-impact.bio.ed.ac.uk/ewi/exploring-and-exploiting-microbiome

This event is being organised by the School of Biological Sciences with support from an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award to Edinburgh Research and Innovation.

PLEASE NOTE that spaces are available for “speed pitches” of relevant research. Contact the organiser Liz Fletcher if you are interested. Liz.fletcher@ed.ac.uk