Our Team

Meet the team...


Edinburgh Genomics is embedded in the rich academic environment of the University of Edinburgh, spanning medical, veterinary and biological realms. Our staff comprises highly skilled and motivated individuals who are dedicated to delivering high quality outputs in collaboration with colleagues across the spectrum of the biomedical sciences.

Management Team:

Joel Fearnley - Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Javier Santoyo Lopez - Facility Manager, Clinical Genomics  

Dr. Donald Dunbar - Bioinformatics Operations Manager

Dr. Tim Cezard - Lead Informatician, Clinical Genomics

Richard Talbot - Laboratory Operations Manager

Dr. Cathlene Eland - Lead Sequencing Technologist, Clinical Genomics

Dr. Matt Arno - Project Manager

Mark Geldart - Quality Manager

Dan Forth - LIMS Manager

Scientific Advisors:

Prof. Mark Blaxter 

Prof. Tim Aitman 

Prof. Mick Watson